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Workshop : Using Ravelry with Ease


Learn to build confidence with using Ravelry!

As more and more designs are published online instead of print, we find Ravelry is an essential tool for every crafter. Many customers say they have trouble sifting through so many designs, techniques and yarn weights. In this class you will learn how to use Ravelry quickly and effectively. You will find out:

  • how to use the search filters with ease
  • what bundles are
  • how to decipher yarn weights
  • how to use forums
  • how to connect to friends
  • what some great Ravelry Apps are

Before the class, please register an account with Ravelry. If you have a digital device (like a tablet or phone) with an internet browser, please bring it along too!
Limit: Maximum 8 participants per workshop.
Class Duration: Two Hours. 
Minimum Age: This workshop is for 16 years +

  • Workshop : Using Ravelry with Ease
  • Workshop : Using Ravelry with Ease

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