Workshop : Instagram for Knitters


Learn to use Instagram to its full potential! In this workshop you will learn to use Instagram to share amazing photos of your knitting and connect with the online knitting community in a truly meaningful way. Claire will share the story about how Instagram changed her life and give you the secrets on how she built a following of over 33 thousand people and used Instagram to build her hand dyed yarn business from the ground up, travelled the world to meet amazing knitters from distant lands and made lifelong friendships that started on Instagram! You will be inspired to use Instagram to its full potential so that you can enjoy all of the amazing things that come from being connected to a huge community of people that have the same interests as you. Weather you are in the knitting industry and want to build a following and make professional connections or you are a knitter and just want to share your work with a larger group of like minded people, this course will give you all the resources you need.

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