Yarn + Co Make-A-Long

Yarn and Co Make-a-long #yarnandcoMAL

We are hosting our first ever make-a-long (MAL)! We are so excited and can’t wait to get started on our summer projects. If you haven’t participated in a MAL before, the idea is that we all craft a similar thing during the same period of time - MALs promote community, creativity and often encouragement to finish your projects.  You can connect with others online or in person and share your experiences with us and other participants along the way. 

There will be prizes distributed along the way – at present we are planning to draw two random prize winners in December and January. We will also pick a winner for the person who has showed the most creativity or industriousness throughout the MAL at the end of February. 

The main motivation for this MAL was to get all of us (including you!) making all Summer long. What better excuse could there be than to make something special in time to wear next Autumn and Winter? Here at Yarn + Co, we often regret not having made that perfect cabled cardigan, colour work jumper or essential accessory in time to use in the cooler months! We want you to pick your most sought after knitted or crocheted item that you would like to make between the 1stof December 2018 and the 28thof February 2019. This item can be anything you like as long as the yarn needed has been bought from us at Yarn + Co.  We will be suggesting ideas throughout November so you can be ready to kick off with us on December 1st.

To enter into the Yarn + Co Summer Make-A-Long, please follow these directions:

  • You must purchase the yarn for your project from from Yarn + Co
  • Start your project anytime between the 1stof December 2018 and the 28thof February 2019 (don’t worry, you don’t have to finish by this date – it’s not a race)
  • Introduce yourself and your project on social media using the hashtag #YarnandCoMAL and tagging @yarnandcostore on Instagram or Facebook (or both)
  • Tag us with all and any shots of your progress along the way with #YarnandCoMAL
  • If you are on Ravelry, join our group for this make-a-long: https://www.ravelry.com/groups/yarn-and-co-make-a-long
  • There are no limits on what you can make or if you would like to make multiple things, get creative!

We plan to be hosting a knit/crochet group for us all to get together, meet each other in person and talk about progress, problems and (of course) inspiration.

We have already started planning our projects! Can you tell we love cables?

Karen will be making the Cline sweater by Julie Hoover in Stone Wool Romney 8ply.

Chris will be making the Shinsetsu cardigan by Verena Cohrs (featured in Amirisu magazine No. 17) in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter 10ply.

Isobel will be making the Ushida cardigan by Whitney Hayward  (featured in Making magazine No. 6) in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter 10ply.

If you have questions about the MAL please don’t hesitate to get in contact via email, phone or social media.

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