Weaving Workshops with The Yarn Shed / Weaving

Learn how to weave on a hand loom with confidence! We are excited to partner with Adriana from The Yarn Shed Workshops to provide you with beginner weaving classes. Adriana is a long time weaving expert, teacher and makes all her looms here in Melbourne.

In these classes, you will learn the all important difference between warp and weft, how to warp your loom, fun stitches and all the other important skills associated with this super fun and tactile craft.

We are offering two types of weaving class: hand loom and jewellery loom. Hand loom weaving is where you will work with either an A4 or A3 size loom to create something special to hand on your wall. In the jewellery loom class, you will create a unique woven necklace or brooch piece to show off at your next special occasion. So fun! If you have any questions about these classes please don't hesitate to call us on 03 9416 3306 or email us at meet@yarnandco.com.

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